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Family Business

LePley Law Firm is a family business. You can trust us to navigate your legal matters with integrity and dedication. Clients work with attorneys directly, without jumping through hoops or going through other staff members. 

Patrick LePley is a Seattle native with close ties to just about everywhere in the Puget Sound. He is married to Carol Hern-LePley, who served as the firm’s manager for many years. Pat and Carol are also partners in Hern-LePley Racing, a successful horse-racing company that races all over the west coast.

Elizabeth LePley grew up in Seattle, just like her father. After graduating with a B.B.A., she worked several years in the business sector. In 2005, she shifted gears and ultimately decided to follow in her father’s footsteps. She graduated from Seattle University School of Law in 2008, after which she gained experience at several law firms. In 2024, Elizabeth joined LePley Law Firm to continue in the family business and work side by side with her father.

Our Values

Patrick LePley


As legal professionals, we recognize the paramount importance of ethics in our practice. Upholding justice, fairness, and integrity is not only our duty but also the bedrock of a just society. Our commitment to ethical conduct ensures that we serve our clients diligently, respect the rule of law, and maintain public and professional trust.



Patrick and Elizabeth LePley have not only the experience, but also the knowledge to best support and advocate for their clients. They actively work with legislators to protect the interests of Washington consumers and workers.



Patrick and Elizabeth LePley work 1:1 with their clients, providing honest and transparent advice to clients. They choose cases with a mission to represent the injured and the insured, and the individuals fighting to be made whole again.